Edinburgh – A Gothic Beauty


The relief I felt once we landed in Edinburgh, Scotland from yet another harried experience at the Paris airport is a feeling I will not soon forget. The beautiful lilting voice whilst being handed a steamy coffee was like heaven, the thick grey clouds and drizzly mist a welcoming embrace. Scotland – I knew I was going to love you.

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Our stay in Bern, Switzerland


Switzerland – where to even begin. Our entire stay in Switzerland feels like a dream, everything so eerily beautiful and serene and perfect that it doesn’t seem quite real. From the moment we stepped onto the train platform at the Charles de Gaulle airport to start our journey to Bern, it was magical (which is saying a lot since that is one stressful airport) – we even accidentally sat in first class on the train and the friendly gentleman checking tickets let us stay there since second class was crowded.

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Travel Minis


I’m a sucker for small products and pretty packaging. Glassy bottle? Even better.

With recent travels, I’ve had reason┬áto raid my ever growing minis selection as well as pick up a few new little gems. I quite enjoy travel size items. They afford you the opportunity to try out new products at a fraction of the cost – giving you a chance to decide if it’s something worth purchasing in it’s full size counterpart or sadly tossing and being thankful you didn’t part with too much money. Some of these beauties are tried and true, while others I carefully selected for that ever-so-small stash you’re allowed in a flight carry on bag (yep, I’ve yet again only packed a carry on bag for a two week trip across Europe, third year running).

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